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Pak, an anonymous artist, sold 250,000 NFTs for $91.8 million on Nifty Gateway over the weekend, in the “largest ever art sale by a living creator,” according to the NFT platform.

Nifty Gateway launched Pak’s latest project, The Merge, as an open edition with a twist between December 2 and December 4. Each mass token was programmed to combine with others in a collector’s wallet. The more mass gathered, the greater one’s final mass would be. Collectors were also rewarded with bonus mass that grew in direct proportion to the size of their final NFT. 26,000 collectors had bought items at the end of the auction.

Typically, artwork is sold as a single piece rather than as a series at auction. (Jeff Koons became the most expensive living artist in 2019 when his 1986 sculpture Rabbit sold for $91.1 million.) The Merge, on the other hand, transcends conventional conceptions of a series and an artwork. It has the ability to coalesce into a single artwork since it contains a mechanism capable of uniting its different elements. Nifty Gateway’s broad statement may or may not be accurate, depending on how you look at it.

Whatever the case may be, those engaged in the transaction praised it as a game-changer. “I would quote something Pak said to us immediately after the sale,” Duncan Cock Foster, a cofounder of Nifty Gateway, said in an interview. ‘This is the largest single art sale ever sold publicly,’ he remarked. And it didn’t happen in a traditional auction house; instead, it took place on a web3 platform.'”

Cock Foster continued, “Depending on the size of the mass that you bought, the artwork will change and have different attributes. And it’s all fully encoded on chain, including the metadata.”

However, no one knows what these NFTs will look like. Later on Monday, everyone’s bulk tokens will be minted and disclosed, and tokens in one’s wallet will merge at this moment.

The Merge’s ownership arrangements are also uncommon. The project features a built-in scarcity mechanism that ensures that these tokens went from practically infinitely available to extremely rare by the end of the sale. The person with the largest mass will be given another work called Alpha Mass, however this isn’t a guaranteed title. The ownership title could be passed to someone else if collectors take to the secondary markets in the coming days to sell their Merge NFTs, each of which denotes how many mass units it contains. To put it another way, Alpha Mass might very well be reallocated to a new owner. Pak called this unique scarcity process “a game of extinction” in a tweet.

Pak is an artist that enjoys utilizing NFTs to their best capacity. Their “Fungible Open Editions” collection, which was auctioned at Sotheby’s in April, likewise played with the idea of transformative accumulation. A collector purchasing one “Cube” token will receive a cube-like NFT, but if they purchase six “Cubes,” they will receive two NFTs, a “5 Cubes” and a “A Cube,” both of which are visually distinct. There were various opportunities to get limited-edition “Cubes,” such as tweeting #PakWasHere to as many people as possible. That initiative brought about $17 million in revenue.

Despite the gimmickry, The Merge cleverly comments on the social dynamics of the NFT environment, where collectivity is valued despite fierce rivalry. His current project’s elegance and clean, Steve Jobs–like aesthetics demonstrate that the NFT community is developing, with a rising interest in conceptual work.

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