Whether you’re planning a summer cruise, a spring cruise, or a fall trip, you should be aware of your options when it comes to selecting the best sailboat available.

Some folks would rather take to the sea in a luxurious yacht. Some people opted for an exclusive voyage on a luxury ship. Others, like you, like to travel by sailboat. A sailboat is a vessel that is powered wholly or partially by sails. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and features. These most expensive sailboats, on the other hand, are nothing like ordinary sailboats.

This countdown list is here to assist you! We gathered information about the top fifteen most expensive sailboats in the world specifically for you. Some are the largest sailboats, the most expensive to build, or have the most exclusive features.

Ludynosa G – $9.2 million

Most Expensive Sailboats - Ludynosa G
image source: Boat International

We begin with Ludynosa G, an auxiliary sailing yacht built in 2005 by Fitzroy Yachts in New Zealand. It is now on the market for €8.25 million (approximately $9.2 million). Are you curious?

Dubois Naval Architects created the exterior. And the interior design was done by Redman Whiteley Dixon. It can accommodate up to ten passengers in four elegant cabins, including a full-width master suite. Six crew members can board the ship and stay in one of three available crew cabins to cater to the needs of those guests.

For those who want tanned skin, there is a sunpad above the pilot house. There is a large shaded al fresco dining area under the cockpit’s bimini for dinner parties.

This sailboat is propelled by a 700-hp Caterpillar engine that can reach speeds of up to 14 knots on the water. This boat measures 37.5 meters in length and 8.2 meters in beam.

Bliss – $13.25 million

Following that is a sailboat that is currently for sale for €11.9 million (approximately $13.25 million). Yachting Developments, another New Zealand company, built it in 2010.

Dubois Naval Architecture created the exterior of Bliss, and Design Unlimited created the interior. The two did an outstanding job, and the overall design was recognized as one of the best by the Showboats Design Award. It can transport up to eight passengers in three separate cabins. And five crews are available to meet the needs of those guests.

The high performance of this auxiliary-sloop-styled boat distinguishes it. It is one of the few sailing yachts that can go fast. It is, in fact, the ideal Bucket racer.

Bliss is propelled by a 510-hp Caterpillar engine, which is one of the most popular engines for high-performance world cruising. It measures 36.8 meters in length and 8.4 meters in beam.

Lady B – $20 million

Dubois Naval Architects created Lady B’s exterior. Rhoades Young Design created a contemporary interior with a summerhouse vibe, including the light split-level salon.

Vitters Shipyard in the Netherlands built this auxiliary-sloop boat five years ago. It underwent a lengthy refit that was completed just last year. This sailboat is propelled by a 750-hp Caterpillar engine that can reach speeds of up to 13.5 knots on the water. This boat measures 44.7 meters in length and 9 meters in beam.

It can accommodate up to seven passengers in one master suite, two double cabins, and one convertible study room. Six crews are available to meet the needs of those guests.

Lady B is currently on the market for €17.9 million (approximately $20 million). For those who want to sail on this boat without purchasing it, it is available for charter during the summer (on the Mediterranean Sea) and winter (on Caribbean sea). Its weekly charter fee ranges between €88,000 and €100,000.

Meteor – $28 million

There is no need to worry if you want to own an exclusive sailboat because many of them are for sale. Meteor is one of them. Edmiston & Company of Monaco is asking €25 million (approximately $28 million) for it.

Meteor’s exterior was designed by John G. Alden and John Munford and was built by Royal Huisman in 2007. Munford, along with Pauline Nunns, was also in charge of the interior design. One of its most notable features is the library, which is made entirely of mahogany.

Meteor can accommodate up to six passengers in one master suite and two twin cabins. And nine crews are available to meet the needs of those guests.

Meteor can reach speeds of up to 14.6 knots when fully charged. It measures 51.59 meters in length and 9.24 meters in beam.

Meteor is also available for charter if you want to try it out before buying (or even if you aren’t interested in buying). They will charge you from $126,000 for a week of cruising in both the summer and winter.

Panthalassa – $33.4 million

Panthalassa is a beautiful 184-foot (56-meter) ketch-rigged sailing superyacht built by Perini Navi. The boat has cruised the Caribbean’s Windward and Leeward Islands, as well as Cuba and the Bahamas. The sailing yacht is equipped with luxurious amenities to ensure a relaxing on-the-water experience.

Yacht for sailing Foster & Partners created Panthalassa’s curving light-filled cabin, which truly puts this boat in a class of her own. A beautiful central oval staircase, an open-plan concept that effortlessly connects the internal and outside spaces, and six guest cabins of nearly equal size are among the design features.

The luxury sailing boat can accommodate a total of 12 guests, and the six cabins are incredibly versatile, with different berth arrangements available, making her ideal for a wide range of guests. Leather-paneled walls, tan leather couches, silk rugs, and marble bathrooms are featured in each of the yacht’s staterooms. With the support of two Caterpillar 1,239 hp diesel engines, the modern ketch can reach speeds of up to 15 knots.

Panthalassa includes a floating bar in the main salon, and the dining room easily turns into a professional boardroom if you need to take business onboard. The dining room can be converted into a cinema room, which is ideal for after dinner entertainment.

Only the super wealthy can afford this exquisite yacht. The Panthalassa has a current asking price of 19,500,000 Euros ($22,026,323 USD) or a charter rate at a cool $200,000 – $225,000 per week.

Vertigo – $50 million

I’m not sure if the term literally describes this costly sailboat. I sincerely hope not, because dealing with seasickness will be difficult enough without adding vertigo to the mix.

Vertigo is the world’s tenth largest sailboat, according to its 67-meter length. Since its launch in 2011, it has been the largest yacht manufactured in the Southern Hemisphere by Alloy Yachts of New Zealand.

Philippe Briand designed the building’s façade. Christian Liaigre Interior Design designed the interior. Its loft-style interior creates an urban-at-sea ambience. Its elegant surfaces and furniture with natural black-and-white leather or tan linen tell the story.

It can accommodate up to twelve people. Those guests should not be concerned if the wind is strong. Glass screens have been fitted to keep them safe while sunbathing.

This boat is estimated to cost $50 million to build. This, as well as the boat’s technical specifications, are not revealed in any document.

M5 – $50 million

M5 (formerly Mirabella V) is a sloop-rigged superyacht that was launched in 2004. It is the largest single-masted yacht ever built, measuring 78.4 meters in length. In general, it is the world’s sixth largest.

This sloop was built by Southampton-based Vosper Thorneycroft (VT Shipbuilding). For Joe Vittoria, Ron Holland created the outside design. It was owned for seven years by an American yachtsman until he sold it.

Luciana Vittoria created the interior design. Then, with $50 million in his pocket and fresh ideas for the boat, a new buyer arrived. As a result, some modifications, including the name, were made.

The boat was also 3.2 meters longer. The interior design for the refurbishment was handled by Redman Whiteley Dixon. It can now accommodate up to twelve people since its relaunch in 2013.

Pilar Rossi – $65 million

Pilar Rossi, the world’s 11th largest sailboat, is ranked eighth on our list. This boat is 64.35 meters in length. When Alucraft built it for Formula One icon Nelson Piquet in 1989, it was only a 33-meter long motor yacht.

Nelson’s uncle then entered the picture. Mauricio Piquet was a naval architect by chance. He modified Pilar Rossi into a sailing trimaran with Vincenzo Ruggiero and Alberto Mercati. Outriggers and two masts were added. Formula Yacht Spars in England created these unique extra features.

The whole cost of the boat, including the massive refurbishment, is estimated to be over $65 million. It could have been considerably greater if they had recruited non-family members to complete the work.

Pilar Rossi’s interior was created by Nelson’s wife, Viviane Piquet. She set up enough cabins to sleep up to eighteen people. Nelson may require such room when cruising with his seven children.

Sybaris – $70 million

Sybaris is the world’s seventh most costly yacht and eighth largest sailboat, as well as Perini Navi’s second largest. What causes it to be so? It stretches for 70 meters in length. The construction cost is projected to be around $70 million.

Philippe Briand designed the building’s façade. PH Design was in charge of the interior design. Sybaris is a relatively new platform, having debuted early this year. Bill Duker, who owns several superyachts, had it built by Perini Navi.

Two MTU 16V 2,000 M72 diesel engines power this yacht, which can reach speeds of 17.5 knots on the water. It can accommodate up to twelve people in six private cabins. And eleven crews can be brought on board to cater to the demands of those guests.

The name Sybaris is derived from a Greek drakaina noted for his hedonism. Does it seem about right? It’s also the name of a location in Magna Graecia, Italy, called for the drakaina.

Athena – $70 million

Athena is a clipper-bowed three-masted gaff rigged schooner built by Royal Huisman in the Netherlands for James H. Clark twelve years ago. Despite its estimated value of $95 million, it is currently on the market for €62.42 million (about $70 million).

Pieter Beeldsnijder (in conjunction with Dykstra Naval Architects) designed the exterior of Athena, while Rebecca Bradley designed the interior. It can accommodate up to ten people in five luxurious cabins. Twenty-one crews can board to cater to the needs of those guests.

The dive locker, library, on-board Jacuzzi, and movie theater are all available aboard this magnificent vessel. Above all, you have access to a crow’s nest with a 360-degree bird’s eye view to ensure the boat does not collide with the iceberg.

Two 2,000-hp Caterpillar engines power this yacht, which can reach speeds of up to 19 knots on the water. The length is 90 meters, and the beam is 12.2 meters. As a result, Athena is the fifth largest sailboat in the world.

Ahimsa – $80 million

The world’s tenth largest yacht, Ahimsa, enters the top five of our most costly sailboats list. Since its inauguration in 2011, it has been the largest one manufactured by Vitters, Netherlands, with a 66-meter length.

Ahimsa’s length isn’t the only thing that makes her stand out in terms of size. Its sophisticated sloop rig is among the world’s tallest. Furthermore, due to its size, its 83-meter carbon fiber had to be carried in two halves from Southern Spars to the Netherlands.

In addition, this boat houses the world’s largest canvas painting. Magne Furuholmen, a Norwegian artist, created a unique sail art piece. Whiteley Dixon, the interior designer, may have had something to do with it. Dubois Naval Architects was in charge of the external design.

A massive composite rudder from Green Marine is fitted to this yacht. This incredible function allows Ahimsa to drive and navigate with incredible precision.

Aquijo – $85 million

Aquijo, the world’s third largest sailboat, is ranked fourth on our list. Vitters and Oceanco collaborated to create this one-of-a-kind vessel. You should be able to see why it cost $85 million to construct.

There isn’t a lot of information on Aquijo that has been made public. However, we do know that this 85-meter-long boat was built in the Netherlands last year by two Dutch shipyards. To create this gigantic yacht, they all collaborated closely with the present owner, who is also unknown.

We also know that Bill Tripp designed the outside and Dölker + Voges created the inside. Due to the high-volume superstructure, the interior arrangement enables unobstructed sight lines.

Aquijo is said to be quite sophisticated, according to them. It is, nonetheless, a performance-oriented sailing machine.

Sea Cloud – $100 million

Hussar V, Angelita, Patria, and Antarna were all names given to Sea Cloud. This boat has been to many places and witnessed many things, including the atrocities of World War II.

That is the age of this yacht. Krupp Germaniawerft shipyard Kiel, Germany, built it in 1931. Sea Cloud was chartered by the United States Armed Forces during World War II with the name Hussar V.

It was reverted to private ownership after the war. It was known as Angelita because it was owned by Rafael Trujillo, the dictator of the Dominican Republic. To cut a long story short, it was purchased from Clifford Barbour in 1978 and rebuilt. This procedure cost over $100 million to complete.

Cox & Stevens created the Sea Cloud design. It can accommodate up to thirty-four people. And sixty personnel can be brought on board to cater to the demands of those guests. Sea Cloud is available for a luxury charter at any time if you are interested.

This boat is not only the third most expensive, but it is also the world’s largest, with a length of 96.35 meters.

Eos – $111 million

We’re on the verge of announcing the world’s most costly sailing yacht! First, let’s look at the runner-up.

Eos is 82.6 meters long, but it is 92.93 meters long when you include its bowsprit. It’s no wonder that it’s the fourth largest sailing yacht in the world, given its size. The Lürssen launched this high-priced sailboat in Bremen, Germany, in 2006. It took three years to build. The price tag is expected to be around €100 million (around $111 million).

Barry Diller, a movie and media mogul, had this three-masted rigged schooner built for him and owned it. This truth, however, was hidden during construction. We already knew that Langan Design created the outside and Francois Catroux designed the interior.

Royal Huisman had it refurbished five years ago. After catching fire on its first sail after being refitted, it was returned to the yard for repairs. Up to sixteen people can be accommodated. During the sad event, none of them were hurt.

Maltese Falcon – $150-300 million

Perini Navi’s largest sailboat, the Maltese Falcon, brings this list to a close. With a length of 88 meters, it is also the world’s second largest.

Tom Perkins, a late American venture capitalist, had this ship-rigged sailing luxury boat built for and owned by him. Perkins said it cost more than $150 million but less than $300 million in an interview in 2007. We could only guess because he refused to give us more details.

Elena Ambrosiadou is its current owner. Up to twelve people can be accommodated. Twenty-two staff can board the ship to cater to those visitors’ needs. On water, it has a maximum speed of 24 knots.

Perini Navi and Gerard Dijksrta designed the outside of the Maltese Falcon, while Ken Freivokh designed the inside. Freivokh integrated a high-tech and industrial chic motif in its interior design to complement this high-priced boat’s sophisticated technologies.

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