NFTs from the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) are among the most expensive and well-known NFTs available. According to CNET, one of them was unintentionally sold for $3,015, despite being worth at $300,000.

The transaction, which took place on Saturday, was confirmed by a review of OpenSea. On May 30, the owner purchased the NFT for 1 Ethereum. Ethereum was trading at around $2,290 at the moment.

The NFT was supposed to be listed at a price of 75 ETH, which is almost $300,000 at today’s values, but the NFT holder inadvertently placed it for 0.75 ETH.

“How’d it happen? A lapse of concentration I guess,” Max, the NFT holder, said.

“I list a lot of items every day and just wasn’t paying attention properly. I instantly saw the error as my finger clicked the mouse but a bot sent a transaction with over 8 ETH of gas fees so it was instantly sniped before I could click cancel, and just like that, $250,000 was gone,” he added.

This implies the buyer paid a total of 8.75 Ethereum, or little under $35,000, for Max’s fat finger gaffe.

When one considers how valuable Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs have become, the error is especially distressing.

In the booming NFT scene, Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs have exploded in popularity.

Following a 900 percent increase in BAYC sales, the NFT platform OpenSea saw its trading volume quadruple last month.

A slew of celebrities and influencers have jumped on the Bored Ape bandwagon, helping to feed the trend. Jimmy Fallon, Post Malone, Steph Curry, and Mark Cuban are just a few of the celebrities who have endorsed NFTs.

Celebrities such as Timbaland, NBA star Shaquille O’Neal, and free agency NFL wide receiver Dez Bryant have joined the expanding list of celebrities who have embraced the Bored Ape fad.

Despite the fact that he had lost a lot of money on his Bored Ape sale, Max seemed to be handling the news well.

“The industry is so new, bad things are going to happen whether it’s your fault or the tech. Once you no longer have control of the outcome, forget and move on,” he said.

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